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Spring Photography Ideas for When You’re Bored

Every season is photogenic in its own way. Spring brings such a dramatic change with all its leaves, grass, and flowers, it has to be special. It’s the perfect time to experiment and try something new.

Even if you’ve taken spring photos many times before, take a look at these spring photography ideas and find something exciting to try.

Pick One Prop and Go for a Walk

Spring changes the world around us, bringing to us growing shoots and blooming flowers. This change allows photographers to look at their environments from different angles. They get to tell these stories afresh.

I’m not going to suggest shooting portraits because it’s obvious. You can’t go wrong with that. But you also can choose one tiny prop and try to photograph it in different areas of your city.

Say, pick a toy, a little plastic giraffe, a tiny wooden house, an IKEA dummy or a small cute panda. And try to imagine a series of adventures.

Place your prop on each blooming tree you can find. Note how your wooden house looks on a branch of a cherry blossom or among petals of flowering almond.

Explore the Tiny World of Flowers

If you have a garden, don’t hesitate to snip off a couple of cherry bloom or lilac sprigs to make a spring still life with a twist. Or visit a local market to find the heroes of your next shoot.

Add something else, something tiny, a little sign that there’s a magical world neighboring ours. This can even be a paper dinosaur, which’s actually not so difficult to cut out by yourself.

Or small swings hanging from a fragile branch of cherry bloom. Or maybe borrow a tea set from your kid and throw a tea party amidst falling petals!

Another thing you can do is cut out of a paper silhouette of a fairy, just a small girl with dragonfly wings. Place this silhouette behind a big leaf.

Use backlight as your key light and enjoy a still life with a hidden fairy! It’s as simple as that!

Spring makes us think about fairytales, little folk and other woodland sprites. They probably are coming out of hibernation too!