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Get Started With Adventure Photography

Who doesn’t like an adventure? Those looking to get a little off the beaten track will enjoy adventure photography. In this article, you’ll learn all about what this means, and the preparation you’ll need to put in place to succeed.

Equipment for Adventure Photography

The equipment you’re going to need is different from your typical camera bag. In fact, camera gear will become a secondary factor. Of utmost importance is your personal safety. You’ll need the right set of equipment to keep yourself safe.

This list will be divided into equipment you’ll need for a day trip and things you should pack for an extended adventure. This list is a guideline, and of course, you can and should take other items according to your needs.

Photography Day Trip

  • Good shoes – Vital for any form of adventure photography. You’re going to be walking a lot. These need to be sturdy. A pair of hiking boots are ideal.
  • Spikes – Should you be out during the winter with snow or ice on the ground, some spikes to go with your boots are a good idea. These aren’t necessary during the summer unless you are climbing above the snow line on a high mountain range.
  • Clothing – Take clothing that is appropriate to the climate you’re in. Look to buy clothes that are designed for hiking, and choose clothes appropriate to the temperature outdoors. You should avoid wearing jeans, they’re heavy and if it rains you’ll be encumbered by them.
  • Backpack – This should be sufficient for your needs. As a day bag, you’ll be able to get away with a regular camera bag such as the Manfrotto 3N1-35.
  • Protection from the elements – Whether it’s rain, sunshine, or cold weather, bring the right additional supplies. That means a poncho, sun-cream, sunglasses, gloves, and a hat depending on the conditions you encounter. Bug sprays are also a good idea.
  • Smartphone – The multi-functionality of this will help you a lot. The map function will come in handy, and if you need rescuing so will the phone.

Extended Adventure Equipment

On longer adventures, if you can pair up with someone sharing the equipment out makes sense. An extra person will also give you an extra degree of safety as well.

  • Tent – It’s worth spending some money on a good tent. It needs to be light, small but sturdy.
  • Sleeping bag – Once again something small, but appropriate to the conditions you’ll encounter.
  • Groundsheet – A foam groundsheet to just get you off the ground by a centimeter or so will help you maintain your warmth.
  • Cooking equipment – A cooked meal will be needed if you’re on a multi-day trip, you’ll also need to find space to store that food in your bag.
  • Water purifier – There is only so much water you can carry. Bring water purifying equipment so you can make use of water out in the field is a good idea.
  • Larger backpack – A camera bag is no longer appropriate or large enough. You’ll need to invest in a proper frame rucksack for adventure hiking. Your camera gear will be stored in this, along with other large items such as your tent.