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Exploring Vietnam’s Con Dao Islands

Con Son is the biggest of 15 islands that make up the Con Dao Archipelago, 80km from the territory Mekong Delta locale and 230km from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). The island’s remoteness and previous use as a correctional province have kept it in generally perfect condition: even today, 80% of Con Son is as yet forested. The thick shade gives a natural surroundings to a wide range of extraordinary sounding creatures endemic to the archipelago: the Con Dao bow-fingered gecko and Con Dao dark mammoth squirrel are only two models. The islands are rough and precipitous, with the most noteworthy pinnacle arriving at 557m. The sea is home to dugongs (ocean cows) and ocean turtles that lay their eggs on the sea shores from March to August. The winter a very long time on Con Son Island are commonly dry, however difficult situations and solid breezes from the upper east cause the island to feel incredibly remote during this season. The late spring months bring infrequent storm downpours, yet the oceans keep quiet and clear, the narrows lovely and serene.

The Con Dao Islands are just a short departure from Saigon. Only forty-five minutes in the wake of taking off from the residue and clamor of the city, the propeller airplane skims between a couple of modest green spots in the East Sea, heading towards the short runway pressed in at the eastern purpose of Con Son Island. To one side, the island’s rough, ocean beaten north shore stretches to its western tip. The shining day break light haloes around the edges of the forested mountains, and smashing rollers break close to the finish of the runway. Saigon is as of now ancient history

From the air terminal, a street winds its way around a high, tempestuous cape. Throughout the winter months, the East Sea pummels against the essence of the rough precipices. There is just extremely one street on the island. It follows the coastline from the little air terminal in the north to the little angling port in the south, going through the unassuming community of Con Son, bunched around a sound, in the center. In the mid year months, the ocean is regularly splendidly quiet, the translucent water so unmoving it looks just as you could stroll across it to the little islands that spring up around the cove, similar to goliath whales surfacing for oxygen.

Consider the sea shore

After an upsetting investigate Con Dao’s past, help your disposition with an excursion to the sea shore. Snatch a bike and buzz up toward the north of Con Son island, past transcending stone slopes and anglers’ homes enveloped by wild bougainvillea. Settling in a specialty in the coastline near the air terminal is the radiant bay of Dam Trau, flanked by rough projections, favored with delicate pale sand and bordered by casuarina and pandan trees. Devour sea crisp fish (attempt the crab) at one of the shacks on the shore.

Climb the national park

Drop by the National Park the board office at 29 Vo Thi Sau, Con Son town and get a (free) license for entering the national park. There are numerous path yet some are shut during dry season (November to February) due to the danger of woodland fire.

Jump Vietnam’s best reefs

The Con Dao islands’ reefs are undeniably the best in Vietnam, with sound delicate and hard coral, and there are likewise a couple of wrecks to investigate (counting a 65m Thai cargo transport). You can hope to see a decent assortment of tropical marine life: parrot fish, triggerfish and maybe a turtle. The best conditions are among January and June yet jumping is conceivable all year.