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Best Iceland Photography Spots and Tips

Iceland has become a very popular country thanks to its gorgeous and diverse landscapes. It’s also a challenging place because of its popularity.

This can make your Iceland photos look unoriginal and its harsh weather conditions can slow down your journey.

Here are the best Iceland photography spots and tips to make your photos stand out without turning yourself into a frozen statue.

Wear Warm and Stretchy Clothes to Feel Comfortable at All Times

In addition to bringing the right equipment, you need to know how to dress properly.

Iceland tends to be pretty cold all year round. Its weather isn’t extreme unless you’re visiting in the middle of winter.

If you plan on visiting in the warmer months, you should wear a jacket on top of a long-sleeved t-shirt.

Make sure your clothing is warm and comfortable so that you can freely move around with your camera.

Travel Far to Find Secret Places

Iceland is popular for travel photographers all the time. It can be difficult to take original photos of the same locations.

You can solve this problem by looking for unique places on your own. Feel free to take a few photos of popular Iceland destinations, but don’t stop there.

The gems you discover on your own will look stunning in your pictures.

You can also ask locals for location tips. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and discover hidden gems at the same time.

Take Photos From Your Window to Capture

Iceland has thousands of beautiful locations. Even if you can’t stop at every spot, you can still take eye-catching photos directly from your car window.

Make sure your shutter speed is fast so that your photos are as sharp as possible.

Don’t be afraid of getting creative like the photographer in the image above!

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is located on the South Coast of Iceland. It’s one of the most famous waterfalls in the country.

It’s completely surrounded by a pathway, so you can photograph the waterfall from any angle you want. You might even come across a few caverns.

You can also take sharp photos of it at night thanks to the floodlights placed in the location.

Diamond Beach

While you won’t find actual diamonds on Diamond Beach, you’ll definitely find pieces of ice that resemble them.

The beach itself is black. You’ll be able to take detailed photos of the ice against a dark background.

Diamond beach also features wildlife, such as orcas and seals. These are perfect subjects for animal photos.

Gullfoss Falls

Another famous waterfall, Gullfoss means Golden Falls. In the summer, all the water creates a golden light effect. This is perfect for dreamy photography enthusiasts.

From where you stand, you’ll be able to see Gullfoss from above. This will create the illusion of water falling into the depths of the earth.

An angle like this is perfect for conceptual and surreal landscape shots.


Reynisfjara is a black sand beach. Combined with gloomy weather, it will allow you to take atmospheric and moody landscape pictures.

You can also photograph the Reynisdrangar (large sea stacks).


Possibly the eeriest location in Iceland, Sólheimasandur belongs to a plane wreck surrounded by an empty landscape.

This location is even creepier because of its ambiguous story. No one knows for sure how the plane crashed.

Even though it has been photographed thousands of times, you can still add it to your Iceland travel portfolio.